Our group of lacemakers is domiciled in Hondschoote, in the department of North, we meet at Coluche Hall, rue de Bergues. We lace every Thursday from 13:30 to 17:30 and we share a small snack.

The annual membership to the association is 12 €, the weekly courses are 4.50 €.

We welcome you for free for a first try. Subsequently, supplies can be purchased at the school.

Our association was founded in 1990, it has thirty students and aims to safeguard and promote lace making by participating in various events.

Bobbin lace, needle lace, classic, contemporary, lace enhancement (embroidery and lace assembly), map, a little history and lace recognition, for those who want it. Beautiful program that each lacemaker follows at his own pace.


As the legend has it: a girl sees her beloved go to war. Bleeding, he sends him before going out, an alga in memory. Wanting to keep this seaweed drying out, GILLIODT reproduced it by crossing and crisscrossing her sons. Lace was born !

We find this legend in many countries, only the name of the girl changes. We also find this legend in the book of Mrs. Jacqueline Quef-Allemant "La Bélandrière".

Our teacher : Marie-Paule HUYGHE

She followed, at first, the correspondence courses of the Lace Teaching Center of Puy-En-Velay with Mrs. Granturgo as a teacher, then followed the training courses of Michel Jourde (MOF). She then completed many advanced courses offered by Maria Lissens and Véronique Zimmermann, both graduates of the Kantcentrum in Bruges.

Until the end of December 2004 she still taught in four schools, with more than 80 students.

Since January 2005, a student she has trained, took over at the school of West-Cappel and Wormhout.

Lace practiced at school

Lace with continuous threads: Torchon, Cluny, Flanders, Lille, Bucks, Valenciennes, Bailleul, Binche and Contemporary.

Lace with cut threads: Floral, Fine Floral, Russian, Figurative, Beaded Rosaline, Bayeux, Contemporary, initiation Florence and Rococo.

Others: Classic and contemporary needle lace, Stumpwork, lace on fabric and frames. Lunéville art embroidery.

Depending on the demand, internships are provided by external speakers. Example: Maria Lissens, Manuel Rodriguez ...

Here is an overview of our association. Welcome to all (and all), novices, beginners or confirmed ... whatever, the important thing is above all to relax in the conviviality.